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 We aim to equip educators, parents, and students with real-life applications and guidance, while providing support services and supplies to at risk girls and their babies.  Our mission is to provide what is needed to have

a solid foundation as all children grow.

We provide supplementary courses for elementary, junior, and high schools . Our experts, the OWELs,  teach on career exploration, study habits, health and wellness, conflict resolution, resume writing, how to interview for a job, how to find and social media conduct, among others.


We find women already established in their careers, experts in their field. We tell their stories through a photography and interview process that is later showcased online. These real-life role models, that tell their struggles and success, are relatable and inspiring to girls. They are heroes in the most attainable form.

The stories we tell show the girls in crisis we support that no matter their background, skin color, or what society tells them, they can achieve their goals.

Hello my name is Candra George, and 

I am a storyteller.


Well, I am a storyteller in the form of a documentary photographer.

I have been blessed to have been surrounded and impacted by strong, amazing women. Women of faith, women of passion, women who have looked death, fear, or circumstances in the face and laughed.  As a young girl, I didn't realize the impact female roles had upon me. There were so many that guided my life, despite me fighting against all odds for my own opinion. Later, I realized how right they had been. Their voices still echo in my head.

By the time my nieces were born, I had determined that they would not grow up unaware. I want all girls to see that no matter where they come from, what their childhood looks like, what celebrities, or even their families tell them, they can accomplish greatness. 


I want to tell the stories of

Strong Women

and Create them.


Candra George, founder of  The OWEL , has been working in the photography industry since 2007 and her work has been featured in multiple media outlets and publications worldwide.  When she isn't working, she spends her days in south Louisiana, with her husband Wes,

9-year-old son, Wesley Brooks, and dogs Magnolia and Daisy.

Most days she's able to outsmart the latter three.


About Our Logo

Our logo represents all skin tones, hair colors, and the weaving together of each of our stories to help others.

The perfect example of weaving together of two stories is that of our logo artist, Marianne Rodriguez and our graphic designer, Zoe Guidry.  The two of them have talent overflowing, and their hearts are even bigger.  Click below to find them both.

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