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Pushing Through

You should know that Chelsea and I are related. Our mother's are first cousins, and part of a large, loud, loving family. We grew up much the same way. Both of us slept under church pews, and went to Grandma Hillman's house for love and biscuits (Those two things are kinda the same.)

Mentioning all of this is important because it shows addiction can happen to anyone. In yesterday's video, Chelsea talked about how her family never suspected she was using. She was a cheerleader, went to church, was a good friend. Later, when she was using every single day, she was a wife and daughter and mother. She didn't think she had a problem. She thought she could stop. Everything in her mind was justified.

If you think drugs aren't around your family, you are wrong.

They touch each of us in some way no matter your upbringing, economic status or profession.

She talks about the part of herself that had to "be good", and the part that had to "be bad" to get the drugs that controlled her life.

The double life reminds me of the parable of the two wolves. For those who don't know the story goes of a father telling a story to his child about two wolves that live in his heart. One is good and the other is bad, and they are constantly fighting.

"Which one wins, father?" the child asks.

He answers, "The one you feed."

I don't think drugs are that fair. All is took was ONE TIME for Chelsea to use again after being clean and she went right back to using every day. It's as if the wolf of drugs gained super powers from one feeding. She never stood a chance without God, the help of her family, and the sheer determination to kill the wolf for good.

"My biggest motivation for getting clean was my son, Rhett. It was incredibly hard, so indescribably hard to move away, not knowing anyone, and getting clean, but not being able to be his mom was the hardest. I just knew that this was the only way I'd get to be there for him eventually. I took every bit of advice, went to as many meetings as I could, and did everything they said to get clean and be who I needed to be for him." - Chelsea

Chelsea has went on to help other mothers get clean for their kids. Tomorrow we will be sharing more video footage and how Chelsea helps others to get into recovery and stay clean.

If you or someone you know needs help, Chelsea is a direct line to treatment. She's given me permission to share not only her story, but also her contact.
text or call: 443-613-9419

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