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To wrap up our week with Dr. Michelle Skoorka, I'd like to tell you about what it means to be a mentor.

Mentor: noun: an experienced and trusted advisor
verb: advise or train someone, especially a younger colleague)

It wasn't that long ago that Michelle Skoorka was asked to be the boss. She says, "Never turn down any opportunity to be the boss." From the head of the spear of the military, to reinforcing the spear head, she began mentoring those around her. Her heart is especially with STEM students and women early in their careers. Shannon Mensi, a colleague of Michelle's told me,

"Michelle was the first person I thought of when I heard OWEL was looking for strong, phenomenal women. She is so passionate about helping others, because I think it's what she needed when she was younger. Thats where we connect. She's a rockstar, and I'm proud to be her friend."

"Im lucky in that there were amazing women that paved the way before me." Dr. Skoorka told me. She claims she only is doing what is right. Young engineers under her rogue mentorship, know that she has their back.

"I give them the tools to handle things themselves, and I like being "mom-ish". That compassion my mother taught me comes out." she says.

To sum up Dr. Michelle Skoorka, she understands the importance of her past and those who came before her. She recognizes her weaknesses and is able to confide in others, and take the necessary steps to work past them. Lastly, she passes her wisdom and experiences to others.

So much strength, kindness, determination, and compassion, Michelle is a great example of an ordinary women, who is living an extraordinary life. If we were all a little more like her, we would change the world. What are you doing in your life today to make a difference?

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