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Meet Lindsay

Updated: May 22, 2018

Today was different. I had lots planned for the OWEL project this am, including another extraordinary woman. Sometimes God changes our plans.

Lindsay and I hadn't met until this morning. A phone call Friday, asking if I could see her this weekend. She was recently diagnosed and was starting treatment today, leaving her young sons and family behind for a month of in hospital chemo in Houston. While obligated to a wedding and other sessions this weekend, I asked for 1 hour Monday morning on her way out.

Working with various cancer patients over the last 5 years, some 50-75 patients a year, most of the time they are post cancer or at the end stages of life. Photographing someone who has just been diagnosed is a bit new.

Lindsay isn't new to cancer. She was diagnosed with ALL when she was eight. Later, when she returned from St. Jude's, having beat cancer she was literally parading through the streets with her grandparents. The whole town celebrated. This time is different. This time she's a wife and mother. Walk with us this week as we talk to Lindsay and also her sister Mallory on what its like to begin again. You'll see more images and videos with both women. No doubt you'll be encouraged.

You girls have got this. <3

Special thanks to Libby and Erica for the introduction and orchestration. I am thankful for you both.

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