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Meet Erin and Eliza Kate

I first met Erin on the campus of South Eastern University. Walking into her office, and later around campus, her passion for helping students was obvious. Whether she is going to the legislature to fight for the school's money, or writing books, or working with graduates, you'll find her building relationships.

Executive Director of Public and Government Affairs at South Eastern Louisiana University is her title.

At the photoshoot for this project is when I met Eliza Kate. This week you'll be seeing not only Erin's video interviews, but some from her daughter's perspective too! These are NOT to be missed.

Eliza Kate is her mother's child: well spoken, positive disposition and outstanding character. I'm fairly certain she will take over the world one day.

This week will we be sharing their advice to young girls, from the young to the college aged and older! I feel we have so much to learn from Erin and Eliza Kate.

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